Individualized Flight Instruction & Aircraft Rental
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KCKN Airport
Crookston, MN

Miller Aircraft Service provides Rental/Training aircraft.
218-281-2625 to schedule aircraft or locate a CFI.

Take Flight Aviation, LLC
Mark Hewitt CFII, MEI  701-885-9718
Part -Time Instruction Evenings and some Weekends.

$35/hr Ground Instruction
$45/hr Flight Instruction*
$50/hr Flight Instruction in Your Aircraft
$35/hr Simulator Instruction*
$100 Flat Rate Biennial Flight Review
*One Hour Minimum
Quality Individualized Flight Training & Aerial Photography
For the Upper Red River Valley...
Take Flight Aviation, LLC
Take Flight Aviation, LLC

701-885-9718     *       Contact@TakeFlightND.Com      *    Grand Forks, ND 58203
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FAA WINGS Program: Satisfies the flight review requirements of
FAR 61.  Free online courses help keep us all up to date.  I'll be
glad to help you satisfy the flight activity requirements safely and
with minimum cost, by completing a phase of the WINGS program.
Instrument Proficiency Check:  The Piper Warrior with Garmin
530 and autopilot makes a great platform for IFR Flying.  An
instrument proficiency check is a good way to regain currency, or
sharpen your skills even if one is not technically required.  
Traditional Flight Review:  If the standard Biennial Flight Review
is more your cup of tea, then give me a call.  I enjoy doing a through
review of FARs, Aircraft Performance/Systems, Weather, ATC, 2hrs
of ground review, and a minimum of 1hr of flight review.  Remember
its a Review not a Checkride!
Instrument Refresher:  Haven't flown instruments for a while? Or
for years?  Lets get back in the air!  We'll spend time on the ground
Rusty Pilot Course:  Haven't flown for a Loooong Time?  Feeling a
little Rusty?  I'll be glad to work with you individually to refresh and
regain your confidence in the air.  Aviation is a dynamic industry and
constantly changing.  Don't let that rust get you down, we'll grind it
off and polish your skills until you are safe and proficient once again!
Tail Wheel Transition:  There is nothing quite like flying a
tail-dragger to sharpen your skills, especially in cross-wind landings.
Take a step back in time to the days when a tail wheel was the
"conventional" design.   Plan on a minimum of 6-8 hrs dual for a
tailwheel endorsement and 10hrs dual for solo privileges.
Rental Checkouts:  Interested in renting the Piper Warrior or
Aeronca Champ?  Checkouts can be accomplished easlily with
about an hour on the ground and in the air, depending on
experience and proficiency.  The schedule is usually open!   
1974 Piper Warrior - 160HP - 4 Passenger
Garmin 530W, Auto Pilot, ADS-B
1956 Aeronca 7EC Champion
100HP - 2 Passenger Tail Wheel Trainer
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