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Digital Aerial Images for you!
High Resolution aerial images up to 24 megapixels
for super sharp enlargements or digital web
images which allow you to zoom in for more details.

Digital Images are yours to keep and use as you wish.  Each
photo order will include
at least a dozen edited & optimized
taken from several different vantage points and
distances to ensure a pleasing result.  Images can be mailed
via a USB flash drive or downloaded via internet Dropbox link.
Quality Individualized Flight Training & Aerial Photography
For the Upper Red River Valley...
Take Flight Aviation, LLC
Take Flight Aviation, LLC

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Real Estate/Landmarks
Farm Fields/Drainage
Crops/Special Projects
Fall Colors
Graphics Available Upon
Ralph Engelstad Arena
University of North Dakota
Custom HD Aerial Photography Rates:

Farms and Rural Locations:
Between 0   -   25 miles from Crookston, MN: $275
Between 26  -  50 miles from Crookston, MN: $295
Between 51
 -  75 miles from Crookston, MN: $345
Between 76 - 100 miles from Crookston, MN: $375

Beyond 1
00 miles:  Call for Quote

Good results take time to coordinate weather, aircraft and personal
schedules.  I'll do my best to meet your photo needs and guarantee
your satisfaction.  Your patience is appreciated.
All photos are from oblique angles.  (I'm not equipped to do true
vertical shots, such as for mapping or engineering purposes.)
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Pre-Imaged Air Photos
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